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What The Buck(et).

What happens when you and your flatmates decide to enter a 48 hour film challenge at the last minute? This. For those not in the know, Ravensbourne likes to run a film festival…. but with a catch. All its entrants have only 48 hours to create a film and must include a line of dialogue and prop that is only given to them at the start of the event. This time the prop was a bucket and the line was ‘Put that away before somebody sees’. To the side you can see the video in its full 48 hour glory however we are working on a prettier version to come out at some point. Oh yeah did I mention we got nominated for best edit? Yeah, that’s a thing.

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Blooming Heck.

If you read my last post you’d know that my latest project has been a bit rocky to say the least. So saying that I really felt we managed to make something great out of almost nothing. What you see to the side isn’t the film in its ‘final state’. We have a mutual editor friend doing some crazy grading to it which should just make it that bit better! Post production to me is like Narnia. I mean I have what I would class as more than a basic knowledge with the Adobe suite however my editor pals never stop amazing me with what they can do (Which is great because then I can steal their techniques to improve my work!).

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Just Leaf it Out.

A few weeks back while working on ‘Balancing the Act’ I mentioned how problems in filming are something that occur and how no matter what happens you work your way around them. Flower (Or later to be known as Stalker) is such a project. This started off as a comedy called ‘Spy Vs Spy’ about a grocery store assistant that day dreamed that he was a James-Bond-esque spy beating up Russian bakers. None of this got past the pre production phase though thanks to a lack of interest from actors so ‘Stalker’ was born. Enjoy this lil ‘Jaws’ parody I made as a trailer and the real deal should be out by the end of the week!

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