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After Effects! I Choose You!

Two video game related posts back to back you ask? Don’t worry this one is film related too! Trust me!

For our Post Production Unit this term I decided to take it up a notch (In comparison to my last) this time with a little help from a few fellow Pokemon fans of mine. So without further ado…. I present our live action Pokemon Trailer! For the unit itself, we had to make a trailer that uses green screen and After Effects but of course the issue with Pokemon….. They don’t. Actually exist… That left us with a choice we had to make. Do we A) Go super serious and just keep the use of Pokemon to the bare minimum throughout the piece? Or B) Do we take the comedic route and find a work around? Needless to say, we went for B and put Dan in a Charmander onesie.

I like to think the script for the piece is quite amusing. We weren’t too sure how niche to go with the jokes seeing as our audience was going to be primarily our lecturers (Although Youtube tells me otherwise) so we kinda stood firmly in the middle. If we ever make this into a real thing (It has been brought up a few times) I think we would really have to decide and it would change how the final product would come out! Special effects themselves…. I had very little do with from a post production side of things. I was however put on the camera for the first time in years. So that was… Interesting but it was a great learning experience! Not just in regards to the camera but for planning to shoot something with special effects in mind. They have always been something I’ve tried to keep away from. Mainly because I have very little understanding how to make them look authentic but I feel like they are definitely something I will look into using in the near future!

Anyways enough of me. Go and watch the trailer! Last time I checked we had over 8,000 views on Youtube! That to me is insane! (But it also makes me sad as we made it for Toby’s Youtube channel not mine….)

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24 Hour Live Stream – PAL Gamers/MAGS

So when I’m not making films as you all know… I play video games. Thats kinda my thing I guess. I like to think that my love of Video Games is something that I can incorporate into my work in some way, so its not a complete waste of time. Anyways, I’m not here to reason with you why I do what I do! (Unless you are actually my Mum…)

Starting from tomorrow at 7am PAL Gamers and MAGS (The Movie, Anime and Games Society I run at Ravensbourne) are hosting a 24 hour live stream for Child’s Play. Its exciting stuff! So if you fancy watching me and Conor goof around (With guests!) live until we collapse then you should join us ^__^ I’ll leave a link here and if you get a chance, pop in and say hi! You never know, we might be able to convince you to part with your hard earned cash (All for a good cause of course!)

Banner Mock up

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(500) Days of Directing

As I promised! My directing unit. For this we were tasked with taking a pre existing scene from a film and adding our own twist to it. For me, I decided to try and replicate a moving conversation… In a form of a tennis match….. On a cold Winters day no less. The whole idea of the tennis match was brought up during a lecture actually when someone described a conversation AS a tennis match. This particular scene in question gets quite heated and I thought it would be really cool to have the characters emotions expressed through the game itself. Obviously this was a lot easier said than done! To make sure the tennis balls are hit at the same time while the right lines were delivered and THEN sync it up in post…. Was crazy.

However, although I had planned everything out to the nth degree… I still feel like I could’ve done with more time so I could rehearse the lines and actions more with the actors. This project really opened my eyes to how important the pre production stage is for the director. In the past, I’m normally so caught up in writing the script that unfortunately spending time with the actors gets pushed to the side. But no more! After this project I’ve realised how important it is to be hands on with the actors from day one and I’m hoping I can reflect that in all my later projects.

Anyways, have a look and let me know what you think!

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The Deadline.

Last Friday in my Directing lecture we were tasked to plan, film and edit a short in under an hour with the theme of ‘Escape’. Surprisingly me and my group found it not too hard to get a rough idea together and started filming way ahead of schedule. I realised how awesome deadlines can be at times as it really forces you to put your nose to the grindstone and make something decent out of the time you are given. The cherry on top was I felt we did a pretty good job! Nothing is more gratifying then hearing fellow class mates laughing at the lil sketch you managed to cobble together. I think thats what I love about film making. That intense instant gratification when someone enjoys your hard work. Nothing feels better than that in my eyes. Anyways! Check out the video. Its just below. I’d love to know what you think!

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Water Under The Bridge.

As per usual a new project brings a whole host of new problems to deal with. In a strange way that’s part of the fun really. My adaptation of ‘Lost At Sea’ was created for an editing module and my original idea was to have Rayleigh’s thoughts projected onto the car window she is staring out of. Thanks to the size of the car and my lack of green screen experience, the idea had to be cut. This left a project which was supposed to exhibit my editing skills, a little lacking in the After Effects sector. In a bizarre turn of events however, thanks to some noisy audio, I was forced to teach myself how to edit out background noise on Audition. So sometimes problems can actually be good! Who’d have thought it? As a side note, just managed to secure myself my first runner job!

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The Ever Changing Tides.

I haven’t forgotten! Honest! ‘The Bucket 2.0’ has finally entered the grading stage and should be realise by the end of this month. After re-watching the short for the first time in months, I realised how bad the audio is and how lucky I was that Harry could help me out on ‘Behind The Mask’. I like to think the longer I stay at Ravensbourne, the more people I’ll meet who can help me make even better stuff. As much as I try, it proves very hard to hold the boom steady, press record on the camera AND direct all at the same time! Speaking of which, just started a new project for university. It’s an adaptation of an exert of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel, ‘Lost at Sea’. Should be pretty awesome!

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Filmakers…. Assemble!

Another Film, another 48 Hour Challenge! I teamed up with a few other great minds to create a mock documentary. ‘Behind The Mask’ details the life of the ‘super’ hero ‘Mother Nature’ and her attempts to keep the city streets green. As you might have guessed for this challenge we had to make something around the theme of the environment along with a prop of a shovel (Which we use as Mother Nature’s weapon of choice). Unfortunately, the project kind of fell apart in the post production stage thanks to a rushed edit. So feel free to watch the rough edit to the side HOWEVER something a lot better is in the works… Trust me!

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What The Buck(et).

What happens when you and your flatmates decide to enter a 48 hour film challenge at the last minute? This. For those not in the know, Ravensbourne likes to run a film festival…. but with a catch. All its entrants have only 48 hours to create a film and must include a line of dialogue and prop that is only given to them at the start of the event. This time the prop was a bucket and the line was ‘Put that away before somebody sees’. To the side you can see the video in its full 48 hour glory however we are working on a prettier version to come out at some point. Oh yeah did I mention we got nominated for best edit? Yeah, that’s a thing.

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Blooming Heck.

If you read my last post you’d know that my latest project has been a bit rocky to say the least. So saying that I really felt we managed to make something great out of almost nothing. What you see to the side isn’t the film in its ‘final state’. We have a mutual editor friend doing some crazy grading to it which should just make it that bit better! Post production to me is like Narnia. I mean I have what I would class as more than a basic knowledge with the Adobe suite however my editor pals never stop amazing me with what they can do (Which is great because then I can steal their techniques to improve my work!).

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Just Leaf it Out.

A few weeks back while working on ‘Balancing the Act’ I mentioned how problems in filming are something that occur and how no matter what happens you work your way around them. Flower (Or later to be known as Stalker) is such a project. This started off as a comedy called ‘Spy Vs Spy’ about a grocery store assistant that day dreamed that he was a James-Bond-esque spy beating up Russian bakers. None of this got past the pre production phase though thanks to a lack of interest from actors so ‘Stalker’ was born. Enjoy this lil ‘Jaws’ parody I made as a trailer and the real deal should be out by the end of the week!

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