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Annd Action!

So it’s finally time for me to announce my latest project! Me and Ed have been working behind the scenes on this for a while now, but recently I decided to tie it into my Pre Production Unit at Ravensbourne. I thought if I’m going to have to work on two projects why not combine them together? Anyways, the idea. The film is all about one man’s dream to make his relationship with his girlfriend perfect, no matter the cost. Oh and he has a clapperboard that allows him to travel back in time and the title is ‘Take Two’. So think ‘(500) Days of Summer’ meets ‘Groundhog Day’! It’s looking to be my longest script yet. Which is simultaneously exciting and soul destroying. I say that because as a writer my biggest fear is making something that might seem bloated, but when I go back through the script I really struggle to cut things out! A good reason to make it short is to be more appealing to film festivals. If you keep your film under the 15 minute mark you are usually onto a winner. So far, I’m guestimating that this one will be around 25 minutes. So you can see my problem. The other option is to extend it into a feature length. That means writing possibly another 60 pages or so…. As soon as I have something to show for myself I will let you guys know! So get excited and hopefully by the end of September I will have something for you!

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Straight Edge

So. Its finally finished and entered! Straight has proved to be proudest project yet. I honestly feel we have made something that could really touch other peoples lives. The problem is with someone who works predominately in comedy is that your work can often get over looked by others (and yourself) as just another comedy. Straight has proven to me that I couldn’t be anymore wrong and that. Fills me with joy.

Whats just as awesome is all the positive feedback we have been getting! Our Facebook page has just hit 100 Likes (A personal record of mine) and you only have to have a quick browse to see all the positivity! Of course that doesn’t mean its not without its problems. The pacing is a bit off at times and audio mix still needs to be tightened but… All in all a good job well done by everyone!

Now all theres left to do is enter it into some film festivals and see what the big wigs think! Of course its already been entered into the CMF Elfenworks competition. Aside from that I have my eye on a few LGBT themed festivals. Unfortunately, theres a bit of a wait on that one seeing as most of them have been and gone at this point. Next year however we will be ready! Until then… On to the next project!

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(500) Days of Directing

As I promised! My directing unit. For this we were tasked with taking a pre existing scene from a film and adding our own twist to it. For me, I decided to try and replicate a moving conversation… In a form of a tennis match….. On a cold Winters day no less. The whole idea of the tennis match was brought up during a lecture actually when someone described a conversation AS a tennis match. This particular scene in question gets quite heated and I thought it would be really cool to have the characters emotions expressed through the game itself. Obviously this was a lot easier said than done! To make sure the tennis balls are hit at the same time while the right lines were delivered and THEN sync it up in post…. Was crazy.

However, although I had planned everything out to the nth degree… I still feel like I could’ve done with more time so I could rehearse the lines and actions more with the actors. This project really opened my eyes to how important the pre production stage is for the director. In the past, I’m normally so caught up in writing the script that unfortunately spending time with the actors gets pushed to the side. But no more! After this project I’ve realised how important it is to be hands on with the actors from day one and I’m hoping I can reflect that in all my later projects.

Anyways, have a look and let me know what you think!

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So Many Layers…

As always the best film ideas you come up with stem from a stupid conversation you had with your flatmate and this one was no exception. Although, I would go as far to say this one is probably the most off the wall… The Onion started off as this love story between a guy and an… Onion. It was meant to be a bit of homage of sorts to romantic comedy tropes and really stemmed from my love of this scene in the first episode of Spaced when Tim and Daisy meet for the first time in the greasy cafe. It even had the song from that scene (‘Getting To Know You by Julie Andrews) but it got cut as getting permission to use old licensed music is a nightmare. The story of course is a lot more than just a rom com homage though! Something… Happens. I’ll just leave it at that! And we put all of this together in a week for Campus Movie Fest London!

Plus, for the first time ever something I wrote got an official screening. In Leicester Square no less! So that was fun. We went on to win the Golden Tripod Award for ‘Best Story’ and got nominated for ‘Best Director’. I can’t take the credit for the second one though. This is actually the first project since I started attending Ravensbourne that I haven’t directed! So it was quite big for me. Billie Crockford (Who starred in ‘The Escape’) took over the role and as you can tell… Did a really good job! I mean she got nominated for a Directors award so. Says it all really eh? Anyways, I was really proud with ‘The Onion’ considering the time constraints put on us because of the festival. As I’ve said before I feel like it can work to our advantage! Anyways enough of me yapping. Watch it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Anyways, I will be releasing my Directing unit in a few weeks time. I am reimagining a scene from ‘500 Days of Summer’. So yeah. Thats a thing ^__^

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The Deadline.

Last Friday in my Directing lecture we were tasked to plan, film and edit a short in under an hour with the theme of ‘Escape’. Surprisingly me and my group found it not too hard to get a rough idea together and started filming way ahead of schedule. I realised how awesome deadlines can be at times as it really forces you to put your nose to the grindstone and make something decent out of the time you are given. The cherry on top was I felt we did a pretty good job! Nothing is more gratifying then hearing fellow class mates laughing at the lil sketch you managed to cobble together. I think thats what I love about film making. That intense instant gratification when someone enjoys your hard work. Nothing feels better than that in my eyes. Anyways! Check out the video. Its just below. I’d love to know what you think!

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Another Year, Another Blogging Site.

What’s up interwebs!

So for the past year or so I’ve been running a website I made on Imcreator which I felt captured my personality pretty well. However, it never really gave me enough flexibility when it came to blogging (Something I really enjoy). So here I am! On Word Press in an attempt to improve my online presence yet again!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my work… Hey I’m Josh. I make films. They are normally funny. Or at least MEANT to be. The last video I ‘officially’ released was a re release of a short black comedy I made for uni last year called ‘Balancing The Act’ (Which you can find down below). On top of that, I recently started a ‘Let’s Play’ channel as a side project with my friend (Which we wrote a lil sketch for. I’ll put a link below for those who are interested!) However, if you follow this blog I’ll let you see a few behind the scenes stuff so. That’s a fun bonus eh?

So strap yourself in and get ready for a journey of exploration with myself as your host!

(I’ve also posted a few of my past posts for your convenience so feel free to check them out!)

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A New Project Approaches.

This is something I’ve been working with Conor in the background for quite a while now actually. Now anyone who knows me personally will vouch for me when I say the only medium I love as much as film is video games. Started on Super Mario Land on the Gameboy and just kinda never stopped. I also collect video games from the 90’s. With that in mind, it was only a matter of time before I made some kind of ‘Let’s Play’ channel. The official release date is early August. I’m still in the mists of editing all our many videos so have enough of a backlog to last us over the Summer. The plan is to release three videos a week to begin with and up that to five depending on how this all goes. Until then however, enjoy our logo designed by my friend Julie Anne Bell!


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Water Under The Bridge.

As per usual a new project brings a whole host of new problems to deal with. In a strange way that’s part of the fun really. My adaptation of ‘Lost At Sea’ was created for an editing module and my original idea was to have Rayleigh’s thoughts projected onto the car window she is staring out of. Thanks to the size of the car and my lack of green screen experience, the idea had to be cut. This left a project which was supposed to exhibit my editing skills, a little lacking in the After Effects sector. In a bizarre turn of events however, thanks to some noisy audio, I was forced to teach myself how to edit out background noise on Audition. So sometimes problems can actually be good! Who’d have thought it? As a side note, just managed to secure myself my first runner job!

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The Ever Changing Tides.

I haven’t forgotten! Honest! ‘The Bucket 2.0’ has finally entered the grading stage and should be realise by the end of this month. After re-watching the short for the first time in months, I realised how bad the audio is and how lucky I was that Harry could help me out on ‘Behind The Mask’. I like to think the longer I stay at Ravensbourne, the more people I’ll meet who can help me make even better stuff. As much as I try, it proves very hard to hold the boom steady, press record on the camera AND direct all at the same time! Speaking of which, just started a new project for university. It’s an adaptation of an exert of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel, ‘Lost at Sea’. Should be pretty awesome!

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Filmakers…. Assemble!

Another Film, another 48 Hour Challenge! I teamed up with a few other great minds to create a mock documentary. ‘Behind The Mask’ details the life of the ‘super’ hero ‘Mother Nature’ and her attempts to keep the city streets green. As you might have guessed for this challenge we had to make something around the theme of the environment along with a prop of a shovel (Which we use as Mother Nature’s weapon of choice). Unfortunately, the project kind of fell apart in the post production stage thanks to a rushed edit. So feel free to watch the rough edit to the side HOWEVER something a lot better is in the works… Trust me!

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