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Straight Edge

So. Its finally finished and entered! Straight has proved to be proudest project yet. I honestly feel we have made something that could really touch other peoples lives. The problem is with someone who works predominately in comedy is that your work can often get over looked by others (and yourself) as just another comedy. Straight has proven to me that I couldn’t be anymore wrong and that. Fills me with joy.

Whats just as awesome is all the positive feedback we have been getting! Our Facebook page has just hit 100 Likes (A personal record of mine) and you only have to have a quick browse to see all the positivity! Of course that doesn’t mean its not without its problems. The pacing is a bit off at times and audio mix still needs to be tightened but… All in all a good job well done by everyone!

Now all theres left to do is enter it into some film festivals and see what the big wigs think! Of course its already been entered into the CMF Elfenworks competition. Aside from that I have my eye on a few LGBT themed festivals. Unfortunately, theres a bit of a wait on that one seeing as most of them have been and gone at this point. Next year however we will be ready! Until then… On to the next project!

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So Many Layers…

As always the best film ideas you come up with stem from a stupid conversation you had with your flatmate and this one was no exception. Although, I would go as far to say this one is probably the most off the wall… The Onion started off as this love story between a guy and an… Onion. It was meant to be a bit of homage of sorts to romantic comedy tropes and really stemmed from my love of this scene in the first episode of Spaced when Tim and Daisy meet for the first time in the greasy cafe. It even had the song from that scene (‘Getting To Know You by Julie Andrews) but it got cut as getting permission to use old licensed music is a nightmare. The story of course is a lot more than just a rom com homage though! Something… Happens. I’ll just leave it at that! And we put all of this together in a week for Campus Movie Fest London!

Plus, for the first time ever something I wrote got an official screening. In Leicester Square no less! So that was fun. We went on to win the Golden Tripod Award for ‘Best Story’ and got nominated for ‘Best Director’. I can’t take the credit for the second one though. This is actually the first project since I started attending Ravensbourne that I haven’t directed! So it was quite big for me. Billie Crockford (Who starred in ‘The Escape’) took over the role and as you can tell… Did a really good job! I mean she got nominated for a Directors award so. Says it all really eh? Anyways, I was really proud with ‘The Onion’ considering the time constraints put on us because of the festival. As I’ve said before I feel like it can work to our advantage! Anyways enough of me yapping. Watch it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Anyways, I will be releasing my Directing unit in a few weeks time. I am reimagining a scene from ‘500 Days of Summer’. So yeah. Thats a thing ^__^

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