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Time To Straighten Up!

Once again me and Conor have came up with another bizarre idea but this time we have a goal in mind…. CMF are hosting an event in association with Elfenworks all about Social Justice and after our success last time we thought ‘What the hell!’. The issue however, was thinking of something that fitted with the theme…

The idea came about when we were recording an episode of ‘PAL Gamers’. Conor jokingly said to me ‘Oh you are SO straight’ and that was it! The film almost wrote itself after that. The concept of taking the stereotype of LGBT community being the minority and flipping it around fitted the bill easily. However, that wasn’t good enough in my eyes. I wanted to make a comedy about something serious. Mainly because, I have seen plenty of films that try and deal with serious issues like prejudice but I always felt they took themselves TOO seriously. Heck I know, it can be tough. The last thing you want to do is offend someone! Then again, as these other films became SO dramatic the characters to me became really unrelatable. I mean, I understand life is hard for minorities but by stripping any kind of comedy out of your film (whether the message is serious or not) often makes your characters completely unlikeable. I’m hoping with our take on the subject matter the characters themselves will be a lot more accessible to the audience!

Anyways, we are just about to start auditioning roles in the next couple of days. So I’ll probably report back once the films in the bag and let you know how its gone! Until then… Enjoy this lil image Ed put together! (Oh and like the Facebook page!).


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The Ever Changing Tides.

I haven’t forgotten! Honest! ‘The Bucket 2.0’ has finally entered the grading stage and should be realise by the end of this month. After re-watching the short for the first time in months, I realised how bad the audio is and how lucky I was that Harry could help me out on ‘Behind The Mask’. I like to think the longer I stay at Ravensbourne, the more people I’ll meet who can help me make even better stuff. As much as I try, it proves very hard to hold the boom steady, press record on the camera AND direct all at the same time! Speaking of which, just started a new project for university. It’s an adaptation of an exert of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel, ‘Lost at Sea’. Should be pretty awesome!

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Filmakers…. Assemble!

Another Film, another 48 Hour Challenge! I teamed up with a few other great minds to create a mock documentary. ‘Behind The Mask’ details the life of the ‘super’ hero ‘Mother Nature’ and her attempts to keep the city streets green. As you might have guessed for this challenge we had to make something around the theme of the environment along with a prop of a shovel (Which we use as Mother Nature’s weapon of choice). Unfortunately, the project kind of fell apart in the post production stage thanks to a rushed edit. So feel free to watch the rough edit to the side HOWEVER something a lot better is in the works… Trust me!

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