Annd Action!

So it’s finally time for me to announce my latest project! Me and Ed have been working behind the scenes on this for a while now, but recently I decided to tie it into my Pre Production Unit at Ravensbourne. I thought if I’m going to have to work on two projects why not combine them together? Anyways, the idea. The film is all about one man’s dream to make his relationship with his girlfriend perfect, no matter the cost. Oh and he has a clapperboard that allows him to travel back in time and the title is ‘Take Two’. So think ‘(500) Days of Summer’ meets ‘Groundhog Day’! It’s looking to be my longest script yet. Which is simultaneously exciting and soul destroying. I say that because as a writer my biggest fear is making something that might seem bloated, but when I go back through the script I really struggle to cut things out! A good reason to make it short is to be more appealing to film festivals. If you keep your film under the 15 minute mark you are usually onto a winner. So far, I’m guestimating that this one will be around 25 minutes. So you can see my problem. The other option is to extend it into a feature length. That means writing possibly another 60 pages or so…. As soon as I have something to show for myself I will let you guys know! So get excited and hopefully by the end of September I will have something for you!

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