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After Effects! I Choose You!

Two video game related posts back to back you ask? Don’t worry this one is film related too! Trust me!

For our Post Production Unit this term I decided to take it up a notch (In comparison to my last) this time with a little help from a few fellow Pokemon fans of mine. So without further ado…. I present our live action Pokemon Trailer! For the unit itself, we had to make a trailer that uses green screen and After Effects but of course the issue with Pokemon….. They don’t. Actually exist… That left us with a choice we had to make. Do we A) Go super serious and just keep the use of Pokemon to the bare minimum throughout the piece? Or B) Do we take the comedic route and find a work around? Needless to say, we went for B and put Dan in a Charmander onesie.

I like to think the script for the piece is quite amusing. We weren’t too sure how niche to go with the jokes seeing as our audience was going to be primarily our lecturers (Although Youtube tells me otherwise) so we kinda stood firmly in the middle. If we ever make this into a real thing (It has been brought up a few times) I think we would really have to decide and it would change how the final product would come out! Special effects themselves…. I had very little do with from a post production side of things. I was however put on the camera for the first time in years. So that was… Interesting but it was a great learning experience! Not just in regards to the camera but for planning to shoot something with special effects in mind. They have always been something I’ve tried to keep away from. Mainly because I have very little understanding how to make them look authentic but I feel like they are definitely something I will look into using in the near future!

Anyways enough of me. Go and watch the trailer! Last time I checked we had over 8,000 views on Youtube! That to me is insane! (But it also makes me sad as we made it for Toby’s Youtube channel not mine….)

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