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Water Under The Bridge.

As per usual a new project brings a whole host of new problems to deal with. In a strange way that’s part of the fun really. My adaptation of ‘Lost At Sea’ was created for an editing module and my original idea was to have Rayleigh’s thoughts projected onto the car window she is staring out of. Thanks to the size of the car and my lack of green screen experience, the idea had to be cut. This left a project which was supposed to exhibit my editing skills, a little lacking in the After Effects sector. In a bizarre turn of events however, thanks to some noisy audio, I was forced to teach myself how to edit out background noise on Audition. So sometimes problems can actually be good! Who’d have thought it? As a side note, just managed to secure myself my first runner job!

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The Ever Changing Tides.

I haven’t forgotten! Honest! ‘The Bucket 2.0’ has finally entered the grading stage and should be realise by the end of this month. After re-watching the short for the first time in months, I realised how bad the audio is and how lucky I was that Harry could help me out on ‘Behind The Mask’. I like to think the longer I stay at Ravensbourne, the more people I’ll meet who can help me make even better stuff. As much as I try, it proves very hard to hold the boom steady, press record on the camera AND direct all at the same time! Speaking of which, just started a new project for university. It’s an adaptation of an exert of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel, ‘Lost at Sea’. Should be pretty awesome!

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