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Just Leaf it Out.

A few weeks back while working on ‘Balancing the Act’ I mentioned how problems in filming are something that occur and how no matter what happens you work your way around them. Flower (Or later to be known as Stalker) is such a project. This started off as a comedy called ‘Spy Vs Spy’ about a grocery store assistant that day dreamed that he was a James-Bond-esque spy beating up Russian bakers. None of this got past the pre production phase though thanks to a lack of interest from actors so ‘Stalker’ was born. Enjoy this lil ‘Jaws’ parody I made as a trailer and the real deal should be out by the end of the week!

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Balancing The Act.

Finally! It’s here! Balancing The Act was a project that really appealed to my love of satirical black comedy which people like Charlie Brooker are so famous for. (If you haven’t seen his ‘Black Mirror’ series seriously. You don’t know what you’re missing! ) I wasn’t sure if people would ‘get’ this if I’m brutally honest and when my lecturer decided to play ours first I was biting my nails a tad. I needn’t have worried though. Although the audio was a bit on the quiet side it seemed to go down really well! It just goes to show with a bit of polish and a witty script you don’t need a large budget and crazy action scenes. Eat your heart out Michael Bay!

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The Trials and Tribulations of Filming.

First of all. I love filming. Watching all those long hours of planning finally come together is such a joyous occasion. This process is only made more enjoyable when things come out as planned even if it’s had its fair share of hiccups (Let’s just say the Underground likes to keep us on our toes). We have one more day of shooting for our Science Fiction themed flick then finally we can start the Post Production phase! I’m excited (And you should be too). Plus I know how happy Justyn may look but I promise, that’s apple juice in the whiskey bottle!


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